What is WebSiteWord? 
WebSiteWord is one of the most easy to use visual tools for managing Internet sites and pages. With WebSiteWord you don’t need to know Html, that you may have heard about, or even see it. 
WebSiteWord’s intuitive easy-start environment requires no more technical skills than a common word processor, but it allows styles, coloured tables, hot spots, visual link placement, immediate browsing, and many other powerful options. You act on the whole document, for editing, archive, publishing and even for searches and revisions. 
The WYSIWYG-WYSIWYL editor gives you an incredible number of visual options. 
When you first use WebSiteWord, you will feel immediately at ease with the familiar word processor tools: 
Paragraph toolbar 
The paragraph toolbar.  Note that you can use styles just like in MS Word, and so ensure your documentation has a consistent look and feel. 
Format toolbar 
The format toolbar. 
The page toolbar, useful to manage pages. 
WebSiteWord is not only a fully visual application, it also has a visually pleasing front-end. The sophisticated environment shields you from the complexities of any coding languages such as Rtf or Html. The interface is extremely powerful, while being no more complex than your usual word processor. 
easy software for busy people! 
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