Instant Internet publishing 
Anytime you have completed a document (we also call it “hypertext”), you can publish it to the Web with a single click, through the internal FTP engine. If you modify only some of the pages, the engine is able to distinguish which must be published, thus optimizing the file transfers. 
You don't need to bother with files, all are automatically managed. Just press the “Publish” button and let the software handle the technical issues. 
Furthermore, your document can be saved as Html or Rtf for MS Word. 
The internal FTP 
The internal FTP engine can automatically publish only modified pages, with a single click of the “Publish” button (Publish >Internet FTP >Publish on the Internet). 
HtmlHelp, WinHelp, Rtf, Doc 
With another click you can publish in Rtf and in many further formats (Publish >Export pages)  Please Note: WinHelp and Html Help formats are available using Hyper Publish PRO
easy software for busy people! 
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